Ceiling Fan Speed Control with Knob  

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Price: $21.99
Manufacturer: Gulf Coast Ceiling Fans

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The Ceiling Fan Knob 3 Speed Control Switch it is specially desinged to control only one ceiling fans

  • 3-Speed Switch
  • 1.25 Amp
  • Groudning Method
  • Includes in White and Bisque knobs


  • 323 Switch
  • Hardware

Gulf Coast Fans that use this Switch:

Palm Bay, Palm Breeze II, Cane Isle, Venetian, Cabana Breeze, Bombay, 42" Bombay, Luna, Proton, Uno, Saturn, Stratus, Meridian, Patio, Trinidad, 42 Dixie Belle and Dixie Belle


CFLs will not dim when using the switch. Use only incandescent bulbs with dimmer switch to allow the use of the dimmer function